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Certification process and rules

When Certification of Acceptance is needed

Developers interested in producing and marketing authorized NordDRG grouper software must apply for a “Certificate of Acceptance”. Without this certificate the software may not be marketed as NordDRG compliant. The specifications of the NordDRG definition tables may be used to produce DRG grouper software using different computing languages, different architectures and different computer platforms.

Delivery of definition tables and testing

Definition tables in .json, .csv and .xls format with test data are delivered by Nordic Casemix Centre (NCC). The test database contains the correct DRG for each case according to the Nordic reference grouper (Nordic DRG Grouper ®). The test data is to be used by developer to check their grouper software and to report the grouping results. The software developer is expected to apply the developed grouper on the test data.

Preliminary versions of the NordDRG definition tables may be used. However, only the final versions of the definition tables need to be certified. Extra functions, unique features etc of developers’ products aimed at making their product attractive in the marketplace are outside the scope of the NordDRG testing.


After grouping the test cases with the developed grouper, the developer returns the test report together with a signed written statement stating the correctness and validity of the results. The NCC will check the reported results and the statement of correctness.

The result of DRG grouping produced by the developed grouper software must be identical with the results of the Nordic reference grouper in order to consider the product as NordDRG compliant. In case the grouping results of the developed grouper and Nordic reference grouper are not identical, the reasons for the differences are clarified.

Certificate of Acceptance

Following a successful evaluation, a “Certificate of Acceptance” is issued, testifying that the grouper software at issue conforms to NordDRG standards. These include the right to use the name NordDRG for that particular grouper version.

The NordDRG definition tables are the intellectual property of the national NordDRG owners represented by the NCC. Reference to the competent authority should always be made in products and documentation of products based on NordDRG definitions. In national versions of NordDRG products, a reference must also be made to the national owner of the version at issue.

After acceptance, a certificate will be issued with an announcement on the NCC website. If needed, a separate certificate will be issued for the software company.

Withdrawal of certificate

If the material or reports delivered by the software developer are in any way found to be incorrect, the certificate will be withdrawn. The authorization is valid as long as a particular version is used. The NCC will issue a new version of NordDRG definition tables each year. However, if no changes are needed, no new version will be published. If necessary, a second version may be issued in one year. The terms of delivering extra software versions (based on such updated definitions) to a third party (end user) is outside the responsibility of the NCC.

Third party information

In order to provide authorization for developers to distribute NordDRG grouper software, there are a number of terms in relation to the third party (end users):

The certified version of the software should be identified to the end user using standard terms. For example, the version of the grouper software should be identified in advertising, packaging and within products relating to the grouper software as “NordDRG”, version number (usually year) and name of national version.

The NordDRG owners are not liable for any third party. The NordDRG owners make no warranty regarding the functionality of the version of the software to any third party. The third party is prohibited from exploiting the NordDRG system.