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The NordDRG as product

The NordDRG aims to be a comprehensive descriptive tool that can portray the organisation, activities and staffing in health care organisations. The NordDRG system will help to provide adequate information in healthcare production and consumption.

Nordic Casemix Centre is engaged in Nordic coordination within the area of Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG). NordDRG is a DRG system which emulates HCFA-DRG version 12 using definitions based on ICD-10 and NCSP (the NOMESCO Classification of Surgical Procedures). The first grouper was completed in 1996. The grouper is updated yearly according to the NordDRG maintenance process and timetable.

National NordDRG definitions are produced for Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia and also for Denmark where however another version produced by Denmark is in use. All versions are published in their respective native languages. A combined version (published in English) of all national NordDRG versions is available and it combines ICD-10 (ICD+) and NCSP (NCSP+) codes from all national basic classifications.