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Our work is transparent


Forum is the platform of communication and it is open to everyone who are interested to keep the track of our work

The NordDRG Forum manages all issues that are relevant for the NordDRG system updating process. Here you can follow the statuses of versions, tasks, cases as well as development initiatives.

The read-only version of the system is available to anyone. The registered members (e.g. NordDRG Expert Group and Board members) have editing rights to the system.

The Forum sends notification emails to the registered members, and gives direct access to items that have been changed since the previous update.

In case you find errors in the Forum or experience technical problems while using it, please contact Nordic Casemix Centre

The national organizations in the participating countries are responsible for submitting the proposals concerning the updates and changes in the NordDRG system. The national organizations discuss and accept the proposals on national level first and upload them to Forum. The proposals are discussed in Expert Group meeting.

Updates to the NordDRG system are recommended by the Expert Group to be decided by the Board of the Nordic Casemix Centre.

Changes in the NordDRG system for the coming year are discussed and decided each Spring in March – April.