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Operational Principles

The Nordic Casemix Centre coordinates the maintenance, update and further development of the NordDRG system. However, the national organisations and NordDRG users take part in the updating and further development of national NordDRG version.


If a hospital finds that there is a need for a change or update in the current version of NordDRG, they contact a national organisation to inform about the need.

It depends on how the process is organised on national level and therefore there may be variations across the countries. In general, the threshold to contact a national organisation is low to allow to come up with any concern related to national NordDRG version.

The national organisations are responsible for the maintenance and update of national NordDRG version.

When a national organisation has received the suggestions from the hospitals, a national organisation will explore them. This means data analysis and testing to understand what would be the economical impact of the change and if it is clinically meaningful.

If the suggestion passed the testing, and the change to the NordDRG version is not only financially viable but also aligned with clinical needs and practices, then the national organisation will make a proposal to the NordDRG Forum.

After the national organisation has placed the proposal to the Forum, the Nordic Casemix Centre and national organisations will go through it, provide comments before and during the Expert Group meeting and prepare the final decision about the proposed change.

Expert Group meeting

All proposals will be discussed in the Expert Group Spring meeting. The proposal can be accepted, withdrawn, postponed. National organisations inform about the need to adapt the change in their version. The results of the discussions are documented in the Forum.

After the Expert Group has made their recommendations on the proposals, the Board will verify the decisions and approve them.