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We fulfill the Casemix needs in healthcare

Nordic Casemix Centre

Nordic Casemix Centre was instituted in 2008 by the Nordic healthcare organisations to promote casemix cooperation.

The Nordic Casemix Centre coordinates the maintenance, update and further development of the NordDRG system. The NordDRG cooperation is led by the Board of the Centre and supported by an Expert Group with members nominated by all participating countries.

The Nordic Casemix Centre continues the work which started at the Nordic Centre for Classifications in Healthcare at Uppsala University.

The NordDRG system is owned by the following national organisations in Nordic countries:

In addition, the NordDRG system is used in following countries which are participating in the NordDRG collaboration and share the same values: 

The Nordic Casemix Centre works in close collaboration with different organisations to strengthen the NordDRG system and promote the casemix work in general such as Nordic WHO-FIC Collaborating Centre (NordClass), Patient Classification Systems International, WHO and others. 

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about Nordic Casemix Centre, contact us norddrg(at)