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NordDRG updating and maintenance processes

The annual maintenance and updating of the NordDRG system is performed according to agreed protocol and yearly timetable

  • The NordDRG definition tables are directly based on the primary classifications
  • The definition tables are readily accessible and transparent
  • The Board of the Nordic Casemix Centre formally approves any proposed changes to the definition tables of both the NordDRG Combined and national versions
  • The updating process is undertaken by qualified experts and staff with the aim to satisfy the needs of the main stakeholders of the system in the Nordic countries
  • New DRGs and modified grouping rules and features are only be accepted if they fulfill established clinical, statistical and economical criteria
  • Modifications are validated with clinical and financial data to ensure that both economic and medical (clinical) homogeneity are retained or improved
  • The update is crucial to incorporate developments in medical practice, as well as other changes to the healthcare system, into the NordDRG definition tables
  • The NordDRG system is designed to maintain comparability over time whenever possible
  • The development of other international casemix systems is monitored with the potential for influencing future enhancements to the NordDRG system
  • Experts from the Nordic countries are invited to participate in joint projects
  • All owners have a reasonability to share knowledge on the field with the other Nordic countries
  • The Board of the Nordic Casemix Centre support the development and innovation related activities
  • The importance of information sharing has an increasing value for the NordDRG cooperation
  • There is a clear need for education of different stakeholder groups within the NordDRG user countries
  • Continuous information sharing and educational activities are part of a routine work
  • The Nordic Casemix Centre supports casemix related work in the NordDRG user countries