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Strategic Goals and Actions to reach the Strategic Goals

The strategic goals of Nordic Casemix Centre are to:

1. Continuously develop the NordDRG to assure user-friendly casemix products of good quality. The products are easily available and may be adapted to different information systems

Demanded actions are related to:

  • maintenance and update of NordDRG Maintenance System (NDMS), NordDRG Forum and Nordic DRG Grouper
  • close collaboration with NordDRG expert group which consist of experts of participating countries and has expertise knowledge of DRG system and represents clinical, economical and other relevant expertise. 

2. Follow and participate in the latest Nordic and international work in development of primary health care classifications

Demanded actions are related to:

  • participation in development of these classifications in collaboration with national and Nordic organizations (NordClass)
  • participation in WHO development work of primary health care classifications. 

3. Develop the working process based on users’ needs without major increase in resource use

Demanded actions are related to:

  • users’ feedback
  • regular evaluation and upgrade of working tools
  • use of tools for virtual communication 

4. Promote the knowledge, understanding and feasibility on casemix in participating countries

Demanded actions are related to:

  • close collaboration with national decision makers, health care experts and other stakeholders
  • active and accurate communication e.g. via our networks, social media, Nordic Casemix Centre’s website casemix conferences (Nordic, PCSI and others)
  • participation in events organized by key stakeholders when invited
  • regular ad hoc (virtual or on-site) meetings and discussions with each participating country individually
  • educating and recruiting of new experts to Nordic collaboration (PCSI casemix schools and other educational possibilities)